Maintenance-Free Road Signs

Our maintenance-free road signs use steel electroluminescent technology powered by solar cells to offer a brighter, more weather-proof hazard alert in dark, dusty or low visibility areas.

Advantages of Steel Electroluminescent road signs

The simplicity of the technology makes it perfectly suited for use in remote locations, on mine sites and in road works areas. They provide a safe, evenly lit and highly visible sign surface, while reducing light spillage and pollution and also reducing the clutter associated with conventionally over-lit signs. Our complete range of road signs is compatible with passive safety poles and fixtures. Reduction in equipment on the pole is also a significant safety improvement in the event of a collision.

  • Portable and can be powered by either battery or solar in remote or challenging locations
  • Strong and virtually unbreakable
  • Highly visible in darkness, dust, smoke and fog
  • An estimated product life of over 10 years, and landfill friendly on disposal
  • Vandal resistant

SEl Road signTechnical Details

  • Visibility over 500 meters in all weather conditions
  • Solar-powered 13V, 4 Amp Regulated power system
  • Silent inverter to run SEL panel at 180VAC Peek to Peek
  • All electronics epoxy pot set, rated IP66, w/o fan or noise
  • Four-day battery power reserve without solar charge
  • Transparent, impact resistant thermal moulded housing for water-proofing
  • Operation temperature range: -40 ·c – +85 ·c
  • Humidity range: 0-100%

SEL Road SignCharacteristics for SEL Tech’s Road Signs

Solar powered:  invertor 18V to charge

Battery-enclosed: Ll-lon battery array, 4x 18650 4 Amp hour Li-lon protected battery cells, charged with solar controller.

Animated Signature: SEL panel with outer shape & text animating, flashes 1 times/sec.

Standard Complied: Still complies with Standards for retro-reflectivity.

Normal Appearance: Attaches to traditional mounting pole like normal signs.

Life-time: Battery life-time of 3 years, sign lifetime more than 10 years.

Test Functions (i) Manual override test button for SEL animation (ii) Battery & solar charge indicators.