Steel Electroluminescent (SEL)

Product Overview

Steel Electroluminescent (SEL) technology creates the maintenance free, captivating light source, which is set to revolutionise the way human perceive visual experience. SEL is set to eclipse old style static back-lit signage and posters that are energy hungry, expensive and bulky, with lightweight, energy friendly dynamic displays that capture the attention from audiences.

SEL are essentially a capacitor in which light emitting phosphor pastes are embedded between two electrodes. Phosphor paste is sinter into the steel. A dielectric coating is then printed onto the phosphor and, finally, the second electrode is printed onto the dielectric layer using silver.

SEL are intended to be seen – not to be passed by. Tailored artwork or signage may be animated to individual specification. SEL panels may be customised to illuminate in any size, shape, colour or sequence. The potential of our SEL product is immense across a wide range of applications. Munin Hi-Tech SEL panels are tailored to the environment where they will be used. Because they are vibration and impact resistant they are individually designed for maximum visibility in places where traditional signage shows less effect.


SEL may be used to highlight surfaces with a soft light enhancement such as with architectural applications, the real benefit of SEL lies in its Lambertian light form. The physical properties of this light form mean that may be viewed through smoke, fog and over a greater distance than traditional point source lighting. Therefore, our SEL technologies provide unique solutions for signs used in mine sites, roads and vehicles, which are brighter, more energy-efficient, more self-sufficient, longer lasting than most current products, and remain highly visible under the most demanding environments of heat, dust, extreme weather and other adverse conditions.

Munin Hi-Tech is creating imaginative visual solutions with cutting-edge technology, offering dynamic and innovative products with a wide range of applications. Download our brochure for further information.