Munin Launch SEL road signs in Intertaffic Amsterdam 2014


For 36 months Munin has been developing a new generation of road safety products which use Steel Electroluminescent. These edge lit (steel self-illuminated) road signs are not only bright they have a unique spacing pattern which gives a more uniform illumination; especially when compared to other similar products on the market.

Technical Director, Weimen Yan, explained “for some time now we have been viewing LED as a robust technology for road safety signs, and looking at the competitor’s products there was one area where they fell down – uniform illumination. We have now achieved this and the product looks stunning. So now I believe we not only have an energy efficient road sign, there is now no compromise with the quality as you can see”.
The energy efficient aspect is, as with all Munin products, the focal point. The New Generation SEL road signs when compared with traditionally lit signs, reduce energy consumption by up to 70% which for any installation is vitally important. James Chen, Munin CEO sees this as the key selling point. “In Amsterdam we saw a variety of new customers come on board; traditional road sign manufacturers, regional government and various distribution companies from all over the World. Once the look of the sign drew them in, the 1st question was always about energy saving. It seems that this is one everyone’s lips at the moment. And I am proud to say that we have the answers. The power consumption is remarkably low yet still enhances road safety”

Munin will next be exhibiting their New Generation road signs at Intertraffic in Beijing 13rd – 15th May 2014. If you would like to meet us there, please email James Chen ( to arrange an appointment.