Plug & Play installation

"I can hang it on the rack as easily as a painting. A brilliant idea that is so simple to fit!"

Munin now offers a "plug & play" SEL panel to retrofit any existing signs within minutes. No special tools or equipment are required!
SEL panels come in standard and customised sizes. Each panel is built up of Steel Electroluminescent modules. The panel can be mounted with bolts and magnets to ensure precise potitioning. The number of mounting points depend on the panel size. The diver box and power supply are integrated in the panel so installation is dramatically simplified. The only connections are a solar power cable or standard power cable.

Now state and municipal agencies can meet their energy and maintenance reduction goals and still have the brightness and evenness of illumination to rival any commercial signage. No sacrifices necessary!

Easy to install? You bet! Each panel is manufactured with "made to fit" that slide right on the existing sign face or frame. A power wire connects directly to the panel and runs to a IP66 compliant power supply. Supplies are easily mounted at the bottom or top of the sign between the panels. That's It!

Munin Hi-Tech is an advanced technology company providing solutions for Steel Electroluminescent (SEL)

Munin Hi-Tech manufactures and assembles a wide range of low energy lighting and commercial illumination products. Our technologies of Steel Electroluminescent use only a fraction of the energy of conventional lighting while still providing a comparable, and often superior, quality of light...

The 3 key sectors that we work in are: self-illuminated road signs, automotive components and Architectural. Each of these areas demand the same thing from Munin; quality, delivery and efficiency.

We also offer a full OEM service from R&D through to full production and product roll out. Many of our innovations are protected by international patents and with this in mind we guard our client's IP very carefully.

Munin Hi-Tech are truly on the forefront of science and technology development.

Road Safety

With ever increasing demands put on the highways and those who govern them there is a constant need to find ever more efficient technologies. New laws and regulations which require increased lighting for road safety signs puts greater strain on both budgets and CO2 reduction commitments.

We have embraced this problem and have developed a range of roadway safety solutions which use our patented Steel Electroluminescence (SEL). Solar power is a standard option on all products.

FACT - If 2000 of our patented SEL road signs were installed in an area, replacing traditional illuminated signs, within 2 years there would be a net saving of £500,000 (USD800,000) on the electricity costs.

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